Letting your home work for you.

Automated homes are more complex than ever and yet incredibly simple to use. We can take you beyond just turning a light on and off from your phone. Let us show you how!

Proven technology

Homeseer has been the cream of the crop in home automation technology for more than 20 years. We installed our first Homeseer system in 2000 and have never regretted the choice. After testing countless other technologies no other system has ever tempted us away.

Keep your home secure

Many automation systems cannot function without full-time access to the Internet. This can mean your systems may not work if your Internet connection goes down. It also means that your automation technology is connected to a cloud service and can potentially put the safety of you and your family at risk. We can help you to understand what should and shouldn’t connect to the Internet.

Many levels of control

Whether you want a smart home that does things for you, or just to check on the temperature from your phone, we can help with that.