About Us

Passionate about technical support

Staff at Kadence Solutions have been providing technical support on a wide range of software and hardware for many years. Our focus is on helping you to understand what you need to get your job done. It’s not enough to simply solve your issue and move on. When you need to know how to solve a problem, or why the problem occurred, that’s where we come in.

Our company arose from frustrations in technical support from manufacturers and suppliers. Seeing issues quietly fixed without explanation, technicians arriving onsite without tools, supplies, or sufficient troubleshooting skills. Our greatest frustration has been experiencing that seemingly essential first step of being told that it’s not your support technician’s fault so it must be yours. At Kadence Solutions we know that you want your support people to be human and that should mean open, communicative, honest, and most of all, helpful.

Our experience goes much deeper than some computer certification courses. We can help with virtually any home electronics. From television and home theatre setups, home networking, home automation, mobile devices, surveillance systems, even simple telephone and intercom systems. We’ve done it all!

Our Values

1. Communication:
Eliminate the buzzwords, acronyms, and “geekspeak”.

2. Effectiveness:
The right answer is better than the fast answer.

3. Honesty:
Sometimes it’s better to keep what you have rather than buy something new.

4. Clarity:
We will give you everything you need to understand what we do for you.