Ransomware infections still successful
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Ransomware infections still successful

Another ransomware outbreak is spreading throughout several businesses in Europe and the UK. Indicating clearly that the need for network security improvements continues to rise. The media is reporting this current outbreak as another "cyber-attack". This serves to make it seem like a targeted assault on the affected...

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Why aren’t you switching to Windows 10?
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Why aren’t you switching to Windows 10?

There is always a lot of hearsay around each new operating system that our friends at Microsoft release. There are loads of folks at the moment who will adamantly tell you that they aren’t switching to Windows 10 but many can’t tell you why. Many of us may...

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Reloading Windows on a desktop or laptop PC
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Reloading Windows on a desktop or laptop PC

I've had a surprising number of people ask me about reloading Windows on their computers recently. It really is a simple process that seems to be made confusing by PC manufacturers. I thought it worthwhile to put together an explanation of how PC recovery works and offer the...

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