Windows 10

There is always a lot of hearsay around each new operating system that our friends at Microsoft release. There are loads of folks at the moment who will adamantly tell you that they aren’t switching to Windows 10 but many can’t tell you why. Many of us may recall these same people always hovering on the fringe with the same sorts of statements each time a new operating system comes out. Granted, Microsoft has released some less than perfect products. Does anyone remember struggling with Windows Millennium (ME)? That being said, the problems with new Windows operating systems usually result from growing pains more so than major flaws.

When Windows 3.1 came out there were loads of folks complaining about that new-fangled “mouse” interface. Both Windows 95 and 98 were said to be avoided at all costs by many users. Until Windows XP was upgraded with its third Service Pack update it had many problems and yet, when Windows 7 came out, a large majority of people were stubbornly clinging to their aging copies of Windows XP. The same is occurring now with Windows 7 users loudly ranting about how awful Windows 10 is. Most have yet to test out Microsoft’s latest offering. Windows 10 represents some significant changes in the way that Windows works. Some of those changes are great, some aren’t. This has been the case with every operating system ever released, be it from Microsoft or anyone else. Windows 10 provides improvements in security that have been needed for some time and keeping up with those improvements can mean the difference between safe surfing and serious problems.

Talk to a computer professional and have a look at Windows 10. The decision to upgrade should be based on rational facts. Don’t let uninformed hype make your decision for you.

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