Telephones are meant for communication
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Telephones are meant for communication

One of the most enjoyable responsibilities for the folks here at Kadence Solutions revolves around deploying systems and functions that make life easier for others. Often that involves something like streamlining the backup services in a server farm or deploying a monitoring system to ease he workload of...

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    • RT : This is an extremely interesting read!
    • Unfortunately the only really notable word in that statement is "if".
    • Telemarketers are poised to supplant email as the most frequent annoyance.
    • Always be alert when web surfing!
    • We'll be at the Guelph Chamber of Commerce Tabletop Tradeshow tommorrow. Drop by for a visit!
    • Pay special attention to any new devices that you connect to your home or business network.
    • Ever wonder what BItcoin is?
    • VoIP is a great way to cut telephone costs in your home or business and it's easier than you might think!
    • Thinking about getting an Android Box? Take the time to understand just what you're getting.
    • Companies need to take greater responsibility for network security.